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  • Tourism | 12/5/2023

    The Government has adopted a resolution to invest €54M in the autonomous regions to improve the digital skills of workers in the tourist industry

    The recipients of the 150-hour training courses will be SMEs and workers in the tourism sector. A total of 19,350 workers are expected to participate before the end of the second quarter of 2026. Each autonomous region will develop a training program in Digital Skills for tourism and will coordinate its implementation and justification.

  • Tourism | 12/5/2023

    The Government adopts a resolution to distribute €108 among the autonomous regions to fund energy-efficient projects by tourism companies

    This year the aim was to upgrade 773 tourist establishments, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Jordi Hereu “The government has succeeded in increasing the competitiveness of our tourism enterprises by developing energy efficiency projects and the circular economy with these investments, thus reducing the costs of energy efficiency and the carbon footprint ”.

  • Tourism | 12/4/2023

    The influx of tourists to Spain in October exceeded $8.1 million, 7.8 per cent higher than the same month before the pandemic in 2019

    Tourism expenditure has also grown by 24 per cent since last year and is 23.9 per cent higher than in October 2019. During the first ten months of 2023, tourist arrivals were 0.2% above the pre-pandemic figures and 18.2 per cent higher than in 2022, reaching an accumulated 74.70 million. Jordi Hereu: “We are transforming the physiognomy of our tourism. Spain continues to lead the absolute, complete recovery of the sector, but we are diversifying and deseasonalizing to create a more sustainable tourism industry which is less dependent on the four seasons ”.

  • Industry | 11/30/2023

    Minister Jordi Hereu recognises the work of young entrepreneurs and assures the government is an ally to businesses

    The National Young Entrepreneur Prize was awarded to Borja Pellicer, from Bet Solar, a Valencian company that is a leader in technical distribution of photovoltaic material. Jordi Hereu: “We have established a more favourable regulatory framework that promotes a more competitive business environment and encourages the development and success of new business initiatives, SMEs and startups”.

  • Industry | 11/30/2023

    Industry definitively awards all of the €450 M allocated to gas-intensive industries

    A total of 445 industrial companies will benefit from this aid to compensate for the exceptional increase in natural gas prices in 2022. Jordi Hereu: “This aid is a further example of the government's commitment to industry, in this case the gas-intensive industries which suffered from high energy prices last year”.

  • Tourism | 11/30/2023

    Seats expected to be booked on international flights for the month of December number 8.1 million, one million more than a year ago

    The increase compared to December 2022 is 14.2%, with the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy leading the list. Poland, Czech Republic and the US are the destinations that experienced the most growth compared to last year. Jordi Hereu: “The projections for December are extraordinary. Consolidation and growth in the European markets, and a rise in far-away markets, such as the US. We must continue to ensure air connectivity and the image of Spain as a sustainable, quality destination

  • Industry | 11/28/2023

    The government allocates €3.147 B to modernise new Spanish combat aircraft

    The EF-2000 1 plan programme will receive €1.75 B and the Falcon Programme another €1.397 B. The economic impact is expected to be positive for the Spanish aviation and defence industry. Jordi Hereu: “Prioritising strengthening the national defence industry and developing European industrial and technological capabilities is key to Spain in order to guarantee democracy and peace given the current shifts in the geopolitical and security landscape”.

  • Tourism | 11/17/2023

    Spain receives 82.2 million international passengers between January and October, 18.4% more than the same period in 2022

    In October, Spain received 9 million international air passengers, 13.4% more than in October 2022. All markets have shown an upward trend, with particularly large increases (over 17%) in Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland. Héctor Gómez: "The increase in the arrival of travellers outside of what was once considered high season is great news for our objective of making tourism less seasonal. Moreover, destinations are diversifying and more Autonomous Communities are participating in the boom of increasingly sustainable destinations”.

  • Tourism | 11/17/2023

    Tourism employment increases in October by 9.3% compared to the same month in 2019

    There were 2.6 million workers in the tourism sector in October, which amounted to 12.9% of all people registered with the social security administration in the national economy. Employees in the tourism sector increased by 5.4% this October compared to a year ago, and people registered with the social security administration are seeing a 4.6% year-on-year increase. The Canary Islands is the autonomous community with the highest year-on-year increase, at 5.8%. Héctor Gómez: “Tourism employment is still performing excellently, even in the so-called ‘low season’, which indicates that our policies to decrease seasonality are bearing fruit”.

  • Trade | 11/17/2023

    Spanish exports as of September exceed €287.5B

    • The trade deficit was reduced to €29.596 billion in the January-September period.
    • The sectors which contributed positively to the year-on-year growth rate for exports from January to September 2023 were the automotive, equipment and food, drink and tobacco industries.
    • The autonomous communities with the greatest growth in exports in the period were Castile and León, Catalonia and La Rioja.
    • Héctor Gómez: “The dynamism of Spanish exports compared to imports means the trade deficit has fallen by up to 44%. One of this Government's priorities has been to strengthen and increase our exporting companies and to make Spain an attractive country for foreign investment ”.

  • Tourism | 11/16/2023

    Tourism data management will improve customer experience and optimisation of tourism businesses

    Data experts, destination managers and representatives from the tourism industry discussed the importance of tourism intelligence to improve how tourism is managed. The forum, organized by the Secretary of State for Tourism in Benidorm, was attended by 250 professionals from the tourism sector. The meeting was part of the activities of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

  • Industry | 11/13/2023

    Industry awards €229 million in CO2 aid to big industry

    185 industrial companies will benefit, mostly from Asturias, the Basque Country and Andalusia. By sector, the largest amount is accounted for by the basic iron, steel and ferroalloys sector with 33.3%, followed by paper with 20.3%. Héctor Gómez: "Having a strong industrial network is one of the priorities of the government's agenda to continue with economic growth and the maintenance of quality employment".

  • Industry | 11/10/2023

    Successful VEC II: the government approves fifteen more projects and exhausts the budget

    With these new final awards, more than 528.7 million euros of grant funding has been awarded, representing more than 95% of the EU funds of the call. Héctor Gómez: "We are proud of the success of this event, which is the result of leadership in the new industrial revolution, dialogue with the sector and understanding the cultural change that is taking place in our society. The projects finally approved in this new round correspond to four projects from Stellantis, Scutum Logistic, Borgwarner, Benteler, Refinasol Battmat, Mindcaps, Lotte, Mobis, Scoobic, Lithium Iberia and Tecnologia Extremeña Del Litio.

  • Tourism | 11/10/2023

    Spain proves itself to be a global leader in sustainable tourism at the World Travel Market.

    Héctor Gómez: "The UK is our largest market in terms of tourist numbers and destination spending and has put the uncertainties of Brexit and the pandemic behind it. Moreover, our outlook tells us that there is plenty of room for improvement". Gómez: "The Spanish tourism industry represents a model to be followed at a global level to complete the revolution that this sector has undertaken in recent years". Rosana Morillo is pleased with the good forecasts for British tourist arrivals for 2024. The Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Murcia and Valencia were present at the event, which brought together 3,726 exhibitors.

  • Trade | 11/8/2023

    Retail sales up 6.7% year-to-date over 2022 and the sector improves employment and confidence indices

    Retail sales grew by 6% year-on-year in September, making a total of ten months of growth in Spain. In the third quarter of 2023, retail trade reached 1,992,500 employed persons; 9.4% of the total in Spain, 62.9% of whom are women. All retail trade indices improved: sales, employment and confidence indicators improved by 5.4 points compared to October 2022. Héctor Gómez: "The growth of retail trade and the good performance of employment are indicative of the strength of our local production network".

  • Industry | 11/8/2023

    Industry launches the 'Active Cybersecurity' programme, which could benefit 4,500 SMEs

    Interested companies can apply for aid at the EOI's electronic headquarters as of today. This is a call for aid in kind for advice to SMEs, through specialised cyber-security organisations. The amount of the call comes to 9.63 million euros within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Héctor Gómez, "Spain is the fourth most cyber-secure country in the world and this government will continue to support those who make up more than 90% of our production network: SMEs".

  • Tourism | 11/7/2023

    The Secretary of State for Tourism organises the Forum on Tourism Intelligence and Data: the keys to sustainability

    Data experts, destination managers and representatives of the tourism sector will discuss the importance of tourism intelligence to improve tourism management. The event, which will have a capacity of 250 people, will be held on 16 November in the Alicante city of Benidorm.

  • Tourism | 11/6/2023

    Héctor Gómez highlights Spain's leadership in London as a model for sustainable and social tourism

    Turespaña leads the outstanding Spanish presence at the world tourism fair in London. Our country has 34 participants, including public institutions and private companies. The United Kingdom is the main source market for Spain, with more than 20% of the total number of tourists received. British tourists also lead the tourism expenditure statistics. Héctor Gómez: "Our country remains the UK's leading tourist destination in the post-pandemic period, and our prospects are that this will continue to be the case for years to come."

  • Tourism | 11/6/2023

    The number of workers employed in the tourism sector increased by 6.5% compared to a year ago, reaching almost 3 million

    25.1% of the new jobs generated in our country are related to tourism-related activities. Those employed in tourism-related activities already account for 13.9% of total employment in the Spanish economy. The number of employees in the tourism sector with permanent contracts (79.1%) increased by 17.9%, the ninth consecutive increase. The unemployment rate in the sector stood at 8.1% in the third quarter, 0.4% lower than in the previous quarter of 2023. Héctor Gómez: "We continue to transform employment conditions linked to tourism. More salaried employees, more permanent employees, more full days. In short, more and better jobs.

  • Tourism | 11/3/2023

    The future of wine tourism to be debated in the wine capital

    The UNWTO and the Government of La Rioja will hold the conference titled "Inclusive, sustainable and digital wine tourism: Building stronger territorial cohesion" from 22-24 November The event will be attended by 20 experts and representatives from wine regions around the world and is expected to be attract 300 participants, including public and private sector players.

  • Tourism | 11/2/2023

    Tourism spending consolidates the sector's recovery with a 17% increase in September over the record for 2019

    The total spending by international tourists who visited Spain is 11.215 billion euros, 22.6% more than in 2022. Tourist arrivals also grew by 13.6% compared to September 2022, with more than 8.8 million visitors. During the first nine months of 2023, spending is up 24.0% compared to 2022, reaching 84.608 billion euros. Héctor Gómez: "We celebrate these figures in the context of the Informal Ministerial Meeting which, as the country with the EU Presidency, we have just held and in which Spain has consolidated its leadership in making tourism an engine for sustainable economic growth across the continent."

  • Tourism | 10/27/2023

    Héctor Gómez inaugurates the European Tourism Forum in Palma with social sustainability at its core

    The event has as its central theme social sustainability in tourism and will address the priorities set for the EU semester. The European Tourism Forum is organized by the European Commission and the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU. Héctor Gómez: "I am convinced that this Forum, which has become an unmissable annual event, will allow us to share and enrich the debate about the future challenges of the sector." This event precedes the Informal Meeting of Ministers of Tourism to be held in Palma the following day, October 31.

  • Industry | 10/27/2023

    Industry submits the draft of the initial call for proposals under the PERTE for Industrial Decarbonisation for public hearing

    The development of the PERTE for Industrial Decarbonisation foresees a total public investment of 3.1 billion euros and the creation of around 8,000 quality jobs. The call for the first line of aid is aimed at comprehensive action for decarbonisation and will be for an amount of 1 billion euros, 500 million in grants and 500 million for loans.

  • Tourism | 10/26/2023

    Projections for the fourth quarter point to a record year in tourism expenditure

    Reports on winter tourism trends have been published Tourism advisors from nine countries of origin have presented the challenges and trends in geographical areas Héctor Gómez: “Our commitment to deseasonalising tourism is both strong and essential: Spain is a first-rate destination, not only in summer, but throughout the year”. Spain is the best country for sustainable travel, and the Basque Country is one of the best areas in the world, according to the Lonely Planet awards

  • Industry | 10/25/2023

    Industry takes full advantage of €450M of aid for gas-intensive industry to assist 448 industrial facilities in Spain

    The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has published the interim resolution following the call for proposals launched last July. The aim is to compensate for the costs incurred by companies that have a high industrial consumption of natural gas. Héctor Gómez: “This resolution responds to the Government of Spain's explicit commitment to gas-intensive companies so that sectors which are so important for the Spanish economy can continue their productive activity”.

  • Tourism | 10/23/2023

    Héctor Gómez opened the Turespaña III Convention with the sustainable transformation of tourism as the main focus

    The event, organised by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism together with Donostia-San Sebastian City Council, and with collaboration from Gipuzkoa District Council and Basquetour, brought together 500 tourism operators from the private sector and various public administrations Turespaña presented the project for designing indicators to measure the attitudes of the resident population in Spain towards tourism in order to ascertain its real impact on the territories The Basque Country has received almost €68M in aid resulting from calls for proposals under the Tourism Sustainability Plan

  • Trade | 10/19/2023

    Spanish exports grow by 1.8% up to August and reach more than €250 billion.

    The trade deficit narrowed to 25.758 billion euros in the first eight months of the year. Exports in the automotive, capital goods and food sectors continued to perform well. Héctor Gómez: "The reduction of the trade deficit is very good news for our trade; we must continue to work to become more and more competitive as a country".

  • Tourism | 10/19/2023

    Between January and September, Spain received 73.2 million international passengers, 19.1% more than in the same period for 2022.

    Spain reached 9.6 million international air passengers in September, 10% more than in September 2022. Almost all source markets showed significant increases of more than 10% in September. Héctor Gómez: "The diversification of source markets is great news for a sector that is undergoing a profound revolution in terms of the quality of destinations and experiences".

  • Industry | 10/16/2023

    Spain aims to lead industrial transformation in Europe through digitalization and sustainability

    The acting Minister of Industry, Héctor Gómez, accompanied HM King Felipe VI at the inauguration of the 10th Industrial Forum that analyzes business megatrends, organized by El Economista. The PERTE, different lines of support for industrial innovation and clusters, and the promotion of intelligent tourist destinations are the focus of the activities of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Héctor Gómez:"For this government, sustainability, AI and strategic autonomy are absolute priorities, the pillars of the new industrial revolution we are promoting."

  • Industry | 10/13/2023

    Minister Héctor Gómez meets with the unions CCOO and UGT to discuss the new industrial revolution

    Industry is committed to dialogue with social organisations to face the challenges of the sector through innovation and adaptation. Gómez stressed the importance of strengthening the labor market and improving the quality of employment in order to turn Spain into a center for training, attracting and retaining talent.

  • Industry | 10/13/2023

    78% of the projects presented in the R&D&I aid line for the manufacturing industry are dedicated to sustainability plans

    The call received 253 project applications from 223 companies. By Autonomous Communities, Catalonia and the Valencian Community have submitted almost half of the applications and, together with Castile-Leon, account for more than half of the budget to be executed. Héctor Gómez: "We are deploying an ambitious agenda of active industrial policy that will contribute to modernising and making our productive model more resilient and competitive through digital transformation, the green economy and innovation. This is the Spain we want".

  • Industry | 10/11/2023

    Industry provisionally approves seven new PERTE VEC II battery projects for 87 million euros

    The projects are for the companies Stellantis, Mobis, Fragnor and Lithium Iberia. The final resolution is approved for Beecycle, which obtains financing for an electric vehicle battery recycling plant in Navarra for 1.6 million euros. From this moment on, the period of allegations begins, in which the companies can aspire to reach the maximum that the projects allow in the framework of this call. Héctor Gómez: "The proactivity and collaboration of the automotive sector in Spain is extraordinary, which is demonstrating, through its projects, its will to turn our country into the hub of European mobility".

  • Industry | 10/10/2023

    The Minister of Industry opens a new dialogue with the regional government to advance major industrial projects in Galicia

    Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Héctor Gómez met with the president of Galicia today to bring him up to speed on the programmes launched by the Ministry in the region. The government has allocated 2.1 billion euros to different industrial sectors, both from European funds and the national budget. A major instrument for Galicia will be the Industrial Decarbonisation PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation), lines one and four of which will be rolled out before the end of the year in the amount of 1.25 billion euros. Gómez has opened an avenue for greater collaboration with Galicia, with the condition of maintaining a mutual agreement for “co-governance and institutional loyalty”.

  • Trade | 10/10/2023

    Retail sales at constant prices increase 7.0% year-on-year in August

    The average number of Social Security affiliates increased by 1.3% year-on-year in September 2023 to 1,937,647. Registered unemployment in retail trade decreased by 6.5% year-on-year in September 2023. Spain's retail confidence indicator is higher than that of the major European economies.

  • Industry | 10/10/2023

    Industry grants €31 M in aid to 488 electro-intensive industries to offset energy bill charges

    The aim of this compensation mechanism for electricity-intensive consumers is to prevent the transfer of industrial production to other countries. Almost a quarter of the aid beneficiaries are active in Catalonia, followed by Andalusia, the Basque Country, Valencia and Asturias. The paper and board manufacturing sector, followed by the iron and steel sector, is the sector receiving the most aid.

  • Tourism | 10/3/2023

    Tourism closes a successful summer in Spain with more than 10 million international tourists arriving in August

    The total expenditure of international tourists visiting Spain is 13.53 billion, 19.9% more than in August 2022. Tourist arrivals grew by 13.9% in August 2023 compared to the same month last year. Héctor Gómez: “We are closing an extraordinary summer with figures that confirm the full recovery of a sector that is not only the main engine of the economy, but also generates better and better quality jobs".

  • Industry | 10/2/2023

    Héctor Gómez: “Spain, with the boost of its productive fabric, will be the European green industrial pole.”

    For two days, leaders at the highest level, institutions, companies, associations and clusters will meet in the capital of the Costa del Sol to analyse the present and the future of the industry. Minister of Industry: "We do not want another Spain; we want the best industrial Spain. We are going to guarantee a transformation of the sector that leads to sustainable, inclusive and quality employment, reducing unemployment rates and promoting social justice". Enisa has certified more than 150 companies as start-ups, recalled Gómez.

  • Tourism | 9/29/2023

    Planned international seat capacity for October is close to 10.5 million, almost one million more than a year ago.

    The increase compared to 2022 is 9.8%, with the UK, Germany and Italy leading the way. This month's figure is around 400,000 seats better than the figure for the same month pre-pandemic (October 2023). Héctor Gómez: "In addition to the consolidation of European markets, there is the good performance of distant markets, such as Mexico and the USA. We must continue to guarantee air connectivity and the projection of Spain as a sustainable and quality destination".

  • Industry | 9/27/2023

    Minister Héctor Gómez underlines the strength of the aerospace industry during his visit to Airspace Integration Week

    Héctor Gómez: “The development of the aviation sector is fundamental to our growth as a tourist attraction, as well as to the ongoing industrial revolution”. The Recovery Plan envisages an Aerospace ERP mobilising around 4.533 billion euros between 2021 and 2025

  • Industry | 9/25/2023

    EU countries agree to the Spanish presidency's proposal regarding new Euro 7 car emissions rules

    Héctor Gómez: “Our position is to stay on this path to lead the mobility of the future and to adopt realistic levels of emissions for the next decade while helping our industry to move towards non-polluting cars in 2035 ”. The council has agreed to change emissions limits for cars and vans as regards abrasion of tyres, checks and batteries. The entry into force of the regulation was delayed to 2027 for light vehicles and 2029 for heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Trade | 9/21/2023

    Spanish exports grew by 3.3% since July and exceed 230 billion euros

    The trade deficit was reduced to 21.323 billion euros in January-July. The strong export performance of the automobile, equipment, and food sectors stands out in particular.

  • Tourism | 9/20/2023

    Between January and August, Spain welcomed 63.6 million international passengers, a 20% increase compared to the same period in 2022

    In August, Spain welcomed 10.1 million international air passengers, 12.3% more than in 2022 Héctor Gómez: "Spain has kept its strength as a tourist destination. Spain's tourism sector has been revived and has proved its resilience despite the global challenges”.

  • Industry | 9/19/2023

    The minister Héctor Gómez set out in the European Parliament the priorities of the Spanish presidency of the EU for Industry, Trade and Tourism

    The minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism participated in three committees, the Trade committee, which he attended alone; Transport and Tourism, where he was joined by minister Raquel Sánchez; and Industry, Research and Energy, which he attended with the First Deputy Prime Minister, Nadia Calviño. In Industry he noted the need for continued promotion of “the new industrial revolution in the EU which aims to improve production processes, grow the economy and ensure the strategic autonomy of the EU ”. In Trade he advocated an “ambitious” policy to “expeditiously” implement free trade agreements. In Tourism he advocated a “paradigm shift”, that embraces a cross-cutting approach and a move towards sustainability, and which recognises the weight of tourism at EU level.

  • Industry | 9/19/2023

    Industry closes the application round for PERTE VEC II with 186 applications in two lines that will mobilise €8.5B.

    The Ministry of Industry is evaluating the proposals received on a first come, first served basis so the application round can be completed as soon as possible. Héctor Gómez: “The data we're seeing demonstrate the success of the second round of PERTE applications. Spain is going to become a first-class industrial hub for sustainable mobility”. At the moment, 10 projects from eight different companies have been provisionally approved.

  • Industry | 9/18/2023

    Industry provisionally granted €54 M to 279 collaborative projects by Innovative Business Groups

    A total of 98 per cent of projects submitted by innovative business groups and members of the companies themselves are collaborations. Seventy per cent of the amount of subsidized projects are based in the regions of Andalusia, Aragon and Catalonia. Support for the strengthening and the activity of so-called innovation “clusters” are part of the European strategy for improving competitiveness through innovation.

  • Tourism | 9/18/2023

    Jobs in tourism continue to grow and new contracts grew in August 5.1 by per cent over the last year ago

    Héctor Gómez “Tourism is the main driving force of the economy, and we welcome that improvement in employment with more specialized and higher quality jobs every day. But we want more. We will continue to work to create not only more but better jobs”. Since August 2019, the number of registered contracts has grown by 5.1 per cent. Workers in tourism in August accounted for 13.5% of total participants in the national economy.

  • Industry | 9/15/2023

    Envision and SEAT, new projects approved by Industry within the batteries section

    These two provisional proposals would total 247 million euros in subsidies and 100 million euros in loans.

  • Industry | 9/15/2023

    Héctor Gómez attends Madrid Fashion Week to support the fashion industry

    The Ministry of Industry supports the sector in several ways, such as the Support Fund for Industrial Productive Investment and financial support for research, development and innovation projects. Héctor Gómez "Spanish fashion has great potential for growth and creating high-quality jobs, besides being an international benchmark that is key to its success". According to data of the Textile and Clothing Information Centre, the turnover of Spanish textile industry reached 651 million in 2022.

  • Industry | 9/15/2023

    Industry provisionally awards €161.5 million to 281 industrial projects to support the agri-food sector

    The objective of the PERTE is to encourage the modernization, sustainability and digital processing of agricultural sector. Héctor Gómez “ this PERTE is a great opportunity to accelerate innovations in agribusiness in its broadest sense, encouraging aspects such as food traceability and the automation of industrial processes towards more sustainable models ”.

  • Industry | 9/14/2023

    The Naval PERTE will subsidise 40 projects from 73 companies, providing more than €56M

    The Naval PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) will help modernise the sector in Spain, increasing its competitiveness by about 15%. Héctor Gómez: “these data confirm that the PERTE public-private collaboration model works to attract transformational industrial projects in the naval industry”.

  • Industry | 9/13/2023

    The Decarbonisation PERTE will kick off in mid-October with the first line of aid in the amount of €1 billion

    The Decarbonisation PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) is expected to offer a total public investment of 3.1 billion euros and create some 8,000 quality jobs. The Ministry of Industry is already working on the fourth line of aid, which is expected to be available by the end of year. According to Minister Héctor Gómez, “the government's commitment to transforming industry is beyond reproach and firm, and it is equal to the challenge presented by the sector and society”.

  • Industry | 9/12/2023

    Industry provisionally approves 18 projects for a total of €15.6 M to modernise the pharmaceutical sector

    Catalonia and Castilla-La Mancha will receive the most benefit from the total proposed aid.

  • Trade | 9/12/2023

    Trade completes the aid programme to strengthen the business sector by mobilising 313 million euros

    In all, 346 projects have received funds through the three rounds of the programme implemented from 2021 to 2023 Next Generation EU Aid has been awarded in three areas: sustainable urban markets, sustainable markets in rural areas and strengthening the commercial sector in tourist areas

  • Industry | 9/7/2023

    The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism is organising the sixth edition of the National Congress on Industry and SMEs in Malaga.

    This sixth edition will take place on 2 and 3 October at the Congress and Trade Fair Centre of Malaga. Registration is now open for the sixth edition of the CNIP, which under the slogan "Net Zero: The Industry of the Future" outlines the main lines of the Spanish industry's annual reference event. This event has been resized and transformed into the integrating space for industry and SMEs, bringing together their leaders at the highest level, institutions, companies, associations, clusters, and all professionals and experts in the value chain committed to economic and industrial development.

  • Industry | 9/6/2023

    Héctor Gómez reinforces the Government's commitment to entrepreneurship and announces that more than 100 companies have received the startup certificate.

    The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism has announced that Enisa has received more than a thousand applications from companies to receive certification and thus access the benefits of the Startups Act. Startup Olé is among the 25 events highlighted by Industry for boosting the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain. In 2022, Spain had 12,041 start-ups, making it the fourth European country with the highest number of start-ups.

  • Tourism | 9/5/2023

    Spain and Brazil demonstrate successful tourism cooperation in sustainability and digitalisation

    Héctor Gómez has met with his counterpart, the Brazilian Minister of Tourism Celso Sabino, to advance economic and diplomatic relations between the two tourism sectors. Gómez highlighted the "investment potential for Spanish companies that the fruitful collaboration in the field of smart destinations represents". The Brazilian minister thanked Spain for its willingness and highlighted it as an example of international cooperation, which he hopes to strengthen during Brazil's future presidency of the G20.

  • Tourism | 8/31/2023

    International seat bookings for September are close to 10.7 million, one million more than a year ago.

    The increase compared to 2022 is 10.1%, with the UK, Germany and Italy leading the way. Poland, the Czech Republic and Portugal are the countries with the highest year-on-year growth in bookings. Héctor Gómez: “Spain is a deseasonalized, quality destination that is highly sought after by international travellers from all over the world. There is no doubt that 2023 will be a historic year for our tourism".

  • Tourism | 8/24/2023

    Héctor Gómez visits the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory with the Third Vice-President and Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, to check the effects of the Tenerife wildfire.

    Héctor Gómez: “All the administrations, at the highest level of collaboration, are committed to extinguishing the fire, which is still active. We must be cautious but also optimistic, because we have material and human resources that are making an incalculable sacrifice to put out the fire and minimise the damage". The current affected area of the fire is about 14,751 hectares, spread over 13 municipalities, and a perimeter of 90 km.

  • Tourism | 8/21/2023

    Spain reaches 10.3 million international air passengers in July, 11.5% more than a year ago

    Héctor Gómez: ""Spain is a leading destination and this is demonstrated by today's data, which certify the sweet summer that the sector is experiencing, with record spending and tourist arrivals”. The markets with the strongest year-on-year growth were Poland, Portugal and Italy.

  • Trade | 8/17/2023

    Spanish exports reach an all-time high and grow 4.7% in the first six months of 2023

    Héctor Gómez: "The foreign sector is one of the driving forces of our economy and the competitiveness of Spanish companies in international markets stands out for its capacity and innovation". The trade deficit nearly halved to 16.42 billion euros in the first half of the year from 31.963 billion euros in the same period last year. The non-energy balance showed a surplus of 285 million euros.

  • Tourism | 8/16/2023

    Tourism employment reaches its best July in history with 2.8 million new registered employees

    Héctor Gómez: “Tourism employment reaches record figures thanks to the boost from government policies and the strength of our business sector”. Compared to July 2019, enrollment grew by 7.2%. The number of employees in tourism activities accounted for 13.6% of the total number of employees in the national economy.

  • Trade | 8/10/2023

    Retail sales increased by 6.8 per cent in June, and employment rose to a historic maximum

    The number of workers registered with the Social Security increased by 1.1% year on year in July, to a historic high of 1,977,797 in a given month. Héctor Gómez: “This is extremely good news, which highlights the health and vigour of our internal market and of the economy overall” Registered unemployment in the retail trade fell by 5.6% in July 2023, reaching the lowest figure of the series. Retail trade accounted for 8.9% of the total number of employed persons in the economy in the second quarter of the year and 61.1% of trade. Moreover, almost 65% of these workers are women.

  • Tourism | 8/9/2023

    One in every four new jobs created in the Spanish economy is linked to tourism

    Total workers in the tourism sector reached 2.86 million in the second quarter of 2023, 6.3 per cent more than in 2019, with more than 3.1 million active workers. Wage earners in the tourism sector with permanent contracts (80.4 per cent) have risen by 18.1 per cent, the eighth consecutive increase. Temporary contracts have fallen by 19.9 per cent. The unemployment rate is 8.5 per cent, almost three points below the same period in 2019. Héctor Gómez “Tourism is a major economic driver in our country. Spain continues to create jobs linked to the tourism sector, which is increasingly robust and marked by stability and excellence.

  • Tourism | 8/7/2023

    Tourists arriving from China increased by 420% in the first six months of the year

    In the first half of 2023, the international tourism market increased significantly compared to 2022, both in the flow of tourists (+23.7 per cent) and expenditure (+28.3 per cent). In addition to China, the Asian market – South Korea and Japan – is still providing three-digit growth. The influx of tourists from the US increased by 57 per cent during the last six months, and new direct routes have been added since 2022. Héctor Gómez “The recovery of the Asian market, in particular tourism from China, is excellent news for our country's quality and internationalisation.”

  • Tourism | 8/2/2023

    Tourist income continues to grow in June and the number of tourists increased by 10.9 per cent compared to 2022

    More than half a million tourists visited from the USA in June, a year-on-year increase of 41.7% year. The average spend per traveller is 1,275 euros, 5.9 per cent more than a year ago and 16.3 per cent higher than pre-pandemic figures. Héctor Gómez “The phenomenal growth of the US economy is making our destinations particularly attractive, particularly since our country offers such high quality vacations”. Spain welcomed 37.4 million arrivals in the first half of the year and total income amounted to more 46.011 million euros. The leading regions for incoming tourism in the first six months were Catalonia, the Balearics and the Canaries.

  • Tourism | 7/31/2023

    Seats booked on international flights in August exceed $11.4 million, a million more than a year ago

    Colombia, Poland and Portugal have all seen year-on-year growth in flights sold Héctor Gómez "July has been outstanding for tourism; August, Spain's busiest month for tourism, is on track to break another record"

  • Industry | 7/27/2023

    Minister Héctor Gómez strengthens industry links with the Carlos III University

    The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism has met with the rector of Madrid University and was given a guided tour of the mechanics and robotics laboratory. The Ministry, through the Department of Industry and small and medium-sized enterprises (DGIPYME) and ICEX, has awarded grants totalling almost 265,000 euros to UC3M. Héctor Gómez "Scientific contribution is key for the industrial and technological progress to which we aspire". The University and the Ministry had signed a total of six agreements with agencies such as ICEX, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the Centre for Spanish Metrology.

  • Industry | 7/27/2023

    The Government culminates PERTE VEC II with a call for the individual project line.

    The office for the call for the so-called section B of the PERTE VEC II will be open from 16 August to 15 September.. Héctor Gómez: "This is a crucial step to respond to the demands in the automotive sector in Spain, and that puts us at the forefront of the green mobility sector in the EU". The budget consists of €344 billion in subsidies and €215 million in grants.

  • Industry | 7/27/2023

    The Accelerates Startups programme is ready to boost the growth and development of 6,100 innovative entrepreneurs and startups

    The Ministry of Industry initiative will assist 6,100 startups and innovative entrepreneurs with NextGenerationEU funds through the “Accelerate Startups programme”. The call for assistance in kind to advise startups through more than 50 accelerators in Spain starts on 5 September. A total of €33.3 million has been allocated within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

  • Industry | 7/21/2023

    ENISA opens the certification process for start-ups

    ENISA has so far received 1,900 consultations from companies interested in the certification process. The government estimates that at least 10,000 companies wishing to access the tax relief provided for under the startups law are applying for accreditation. Héctor Gómez: “Spain is not only the best country to live in, but also to start entrepreneurial activity and to invest. This order brings to a close the procedure of the framework law on the promotion of the start-up ecosystem and marks a new era of modernisation and great opportunities not only for economic growth, but also for the labour market ”.

  • Tourism | 7/21/2023

    Tourism employment records the best June in the historical series, with 2.76 million social security contributors

    Héctor Gómez "Social security affiliation data confirm our good forecasts for 2023, the year of the full recovery of tourism in Spain ” Participants in tourism activities amounted to 13.4% of participants in the national economy as a whole.

  • Industry | 7/20/2023

    More than 5,000 companies and self-employed individuals registered in June through the Ministry of Industry's unified electronic system CIRCE

    Almost 2,000 Limited Companies have been created, 96% in less than 24 hours. More than 3,000 self-employed individuals registered, 99 per cent in less than 24 hours. 5,171 new jobs created by these companies. 18.96% more companies incorporated and self-employed individuals registered compared to the same month in 2022. More than 4,000 Enterprise Assistance Points available free of charge to entrepreneurs who want to set up a business.

  • Trade | 7/20/2023

    Spanish exports are up by 6.4%, reaching record levels

    The trade deficit has continued to decrease to 47 per cent in the first five months of the year. The autonomous communities with higher growth in their exports were Castile and Leon, La Rioja and Catalonia. Héctor Gómez “the strength of Spanish exporter companies and their good positioning in international markets mean that exports are more dynamic than imports ”.

  • Industry | 7/18/2023

    The government authorizes €450M in aid to gas-intensive industrial companies

    The goal is to mitigate the impact on industries with the most intensive natural gas consumption by compensating for part of the additional costs due to the exceptional increase in natural gas prices during 2022.

  • Tourism | 7/18/2023

    In June, Spain reached 9.1 million international air passengers, 10% more than a year ago

    In the first six months of the year, Spain surpassed 43 million passengers, 24.3% more than in the same period in 2022. Héctor Gómez: "We continue to see extraordinary data demonstrating the potential for tourism growth in Spain”.

  • Trade | 7/17/2023

    The European Union continues to request the removal of tariffs black olives spanish

    Héctor Gómez, minister of industry, commerce and tourism “ from the government of spain and from the european commission will remain open to reach an understanding with the united states to safeguard the interests of our farmers. ”

  • Tourism | 7/13/2023

    Spain presents its program to lead sustainable tourism in the EU to the UN

    The Secretary of State for Tourism is participating in the United Nations Special Session on Sustainable Tourism in New York. Morillo will describe the efforts being made to promote the environmental, social and labor sustainability of the sector.

  • Industry | 7/12/2023

    More than 3,300 industrial SMEs could benefit from ‘Programa Activa Industria 4.0’ to accelerate their digital transformation

    This is a call for in-kind aid providing advice to SMEs through specialized entities. The amount of the call is 24.4 million euros, framed within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

  • Industry | 7/10/2023

    The Government publishes the bases for granting aid 450 M €to industry gasintensiva

    This line of aid will enable each company to receive compensation of up to 4 million euros and they could receive up to 25 million euros if they can show a reduction in their EBITDA of more than 30 per cent in 2022 compared with the previous year. Héctor Gómez “these subsidies respond to the concerns of firms to maintain their productive activity and will make it possible to maintain such important sectors as ceramics, paper and glass". This call comes in addition to the one published last Saturday, for 86 million euros, to compensate energy-intensive companies for higher electricity prices.

  • Trade | 7/10/2023

    The Spanish Presidency starts with the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and New Zealand

    The Agreement strengthens trade relations with the Indo-Pacific region, reduces barriers and promotes sustainable economic growth. Includes innovative sustainability commitments in the areas of the environment, fundamental labour rights and gender Héctor Gómez: The signing of this agreement reflects the EU's unwavering commitment to the advantages of trade openness, promoting strategic open autonomy.

  • Industry | 7/6/2023

    Industry closes the 2022 call for submissions to the PROFARMA programme

    The PROFARMA programme promotes competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry by ranking and rating business on the basis of their excellence in different industrial, economic, research, development and innovation aspects. Its objective is to boost the competitiveness of the sector and promote activities that provide greater added value such as investment in new industrial plants and new technology, as well as promote RDI. In the 2022 call that is now closing, nine pharmaceutical companies have been described as “excellent” by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

  • Industry | 7/4/2023

    The government is devoting more than €214M to drive the digital transformation, growth and training of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises

    Héctor Gómez “These five programmes reflect a significant number of investments directed towards strengthening the ecosystem of small and medium-sized enterprises and Spanish startups, improving their competitiveness and growth through strengthening their resilience and boosting the digital transition”.

  • Trade | 7/4/2023

    The government is modernizing the investment policy, strengthening legal certainty for investors and companies

    This new Royal Decree provides a clear, predictable and legally secure application of Spanish investment control regulations. Héctor Gómez "The attraction of foreign investment to Spain has been a fundamental element in driving the modernization of the economy and the creation of productive, stable and quality employment."

  • Industry | 7/4/2023

    The government authorized €86M to offset charges to electro-intensive companies

    Expenses corresponding to 2022 are subsidized. The aid intensity can reach up to 85% of the costs incurred. Héctor Gómez: "These aids are key for the industrial sector because it improves its competitiveness and strengthens its industrial capacities and employment."

  • Tourism | 7/4/2023

    Spain records best May ever in number of tourists and expenditure at destination.

    May registered 8.2 million tourists, 4% more than the previous record in 2019. There has also been an increase of a million visitors with respect to April, in which Easter was celebrated. In the first five months, Spain received 29 million arrivals, 28% more than the same period in 2022, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE). Tourism expenditure in May is also record high, at 9.7 million euros, 21% more than in 2022 and 19% compared to the best pre-pandemic data (2019). Hector Gómez says "we are in the early days of a historic summer for tourism, and today's traveller and expenditure data is following the extraordinary path of recent months; quality and competitiveness to remain world leaders”.

  • Industry | 7/3/2023

    27 strategic projects are submitted to the call for the industrial transition in the pharmaceutical and medical devices

    The line of aid provided by the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism of Health within L avant-garde has received 24 companies projects valued at over $114 million euros. The companies are determined to foster industrial transition of the pharmaceutical sector towards a more sustainable model with the government's drive.

  • Industry | 6/30/2023

    Seventy-eight per cent of the projects submitted to the IDI manufacturing industry grant line focus on sustainability plans

    The call for IDI line grants for innovation and sustainability plans in the manufacturing industry, with a budget of €188 M, has received 253 project applications from 223 companies: 198 for the sustainability line and 55 for R&D&i. Total investment for the projects amounts to €423.3 M, with 92% -almost €391 M- allocated to sustainability. By Autonomous Community, Catalonia and Valencia have submitted almost half the applications and, together with Castilla and León, would account for over half the budget.

  • Tourism | 6/30/2023

    Tourism employment in Spain records the highest firgure in the histroical series with 2.75 million social security contributors

    The number of employees has grown by 6.7% compared to May 2002, and the number of self-employed people has grown by 0.5% Héctor Gómez says that “this is great news at the beginning of what will be a historic summer in terms of both the number of tourists and spending; the number of jobs is growing, and even better, so is the quality of employment ”

  • Tourism | 6/29/2023

    The minister Héctor Gómez announced the creation of a high-level forum with the participation of the tourism sector

    Héctor Gómez, “ this forum will serve to strengthen collaboration público-privada, share knowledge and strategies are put in place innovative tourist offer a comprehensive vision of our tourist ecosystem ”. The minister of industry, commerce and tourism has chaired in Parador de chinchón, in Madrid, a meeting where they have laid the foundations for the future Forum. It has also deployed the main aspects of the line of tourism – TURIMPULSA- Plan endowed with eur 1 billion that the government of spain submitted to brussels in addition to the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience. The meeting has assisted the secretary of state of tourism, Rosana Morillo Paradores president of the spanish government, Pedro Saura, and leaders of this sector alojativo, travel agencies, technology and the airlines.

  • Industry | 6/29/2023

    A total of 178 companies present projects for the programme “ Active Funding” support industrial digitization amounting to 84.4 M €

    Dominated by projects presented at the Activa-Pyme line, with 129 applications. By Autonomous Communities, catalonia, followed by Madrid, Andalucia and aragón, leading of projects submitted, taking approximately 80% of the total. Active line Financing 2023 aims to support the development of industrial research projects, development projects, as well as pilot projects in the field of organization and processes, in the area of industry Connected 4.0 and aimed at the fulfilment of the objectives of the same.

  • Tourism | 6/26/2023

    413 Spanish beaches, awarded for their quality, sustainability and safety.

    The Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE) delivered the awards at the Ministry of Tourism The awards certify that the beaches comply with internationally approved requirements

  • Tourism | 6/23/2023

    Spain highlights actions taken to recover tourism at G20

    Morillo highlights the public network of protection measures for workers and companies and investment in healthcare as successful formulas for recovering pre-Covid figures The Secretary of State joins the countries denouncing the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia

  • Tourism | 6/20/2023

    Tourism will invest $14.7 million in the rehabilitation of National Heritage properties

    Residences in Madrid capital, Aranjuez, El Escorial and La Granja de San Ildefonso. National Heritage manages 19 palaces and houses, 10 monasteries and convents, which make up the network of Royal Sites in Spain, and that are home to more than 160,000 artefacts of historical and artistic interest.

  • Trade | 6/20/2023

    Foreign investment in Spain up 20.3% in the first quarter of 2023

    Industry tops the investment rankings Héctor Gómez:The Government's economic policy is key to generating confidence abroad, as demonstrated by the today's data. Legal certainty and solid economic growth reflect Spain strong position.

  • Tourism | 6/16/2023

    In May, Spain exceeded 8.8 million international air passengers, 13.9% more than a year ago

    In the first five months of the year, Spain welcomed more than 34 million passengers, 28.8% more than over the same period in 2022. Héctor Gómez "These data confirm the excellent performance of tourism in the first half of the year. Our forecast for the high season is that we will exceed the 2019 pre-pandemic figures for tourists, overnight stays and spending at destination".

  • Industry | 6/15/2023

    Arcelor presents the Ministry of Industry with its application for the EUR 450 M grant to decarbonise of the Gijón plant

    Héctor Gómez “This is excellent news with which progress is made towards the production of ‘green’ steel in Asturias. The government is fulfilling its commitment to accompany industry in the process of decarbonisation in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve efficiency”.

  • Trade | 6/15/2023

    Spanish exports up by 9.2% year-on-year to April, an all-time high

    Trade deficit falls by 50% in the first four months of the year Héctor Gómez: In the first quarter, the deficit has halved thanks to Spanish exports.

  • Industry | 6/9/2023

    The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism will mobilize over 8.7 billion from the addendum to the recovery plan to strengthen PERTEs and tourism plans.

    For Héctor Gómez, “this is the boost that will enable a giant leap forward to be made in the transformation of Spanish industry and the modernisation of our productive network”. Two new funds of 2.4 billion euros have been created, managed by Cofides to generate sustainable investments

  • Trade | 6/7/2023

    Minister Héctor Gómez strengthens trade relations with United States in anticipation of the European Presidency

    The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism welcomed his US counterpart to discuss key issues such as the agreements with Latin American countries, the Spanish presidency of the EU and the bilateral cooperation achieved during Pedro Sánchez's last visit to the White House. Héctor Gómez: "Strengthening the EU's trade relations with the US will be a priority for the European presidency, in order to ensure a path of economic growth and innovation in both countries". The Spanish Government appreciates the commitment of US to undertake the reform of the World Trade Organization.

  • Tourism | 6/1/2023

    Spain recorded its best April ever in terms of international tourist numbers and spending levels, 20% above the pre-pandemic record

    In the first four months, Spain received 21 million arrivals, 32.4% more than in the same period in 2022, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE). Visitor and spending records were also broken in April: 8.48 billion euros, up 22.7% on 2022 and 20.2% on the best pre-pandemic figure (2019). Héctor Gómez: “These are extraordinary figures that show, once again, that Spain is at the forefront, that tourism is recovering fully and that the government's policies are working”.