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  • The Ministry | 12/30/2020

    Reyes Maroto: "Our priority has been to deploy a safety net to protect businesses and workers from the impact of the pandemic"

    The Minister declared herself "satisfied" with the work done and the high level of compliance with her Department's goals.

  • Tourism | 12/28/2020

    Today the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto chaired the Joint Trade and Tourism Sector Conference

    The minister has reviewed the main measures launched by the Spanish government and provided for under the Plan for boosting the hotel and tourism industries and trade which are aimed at easing the situation for companies and individuals associated with these activities.

  • Tourism | 12/22/2020

    The Government approves new aid for hospitality, tourism and trade worth 4.22 billion

    The plan establishes a 50% reduction or, alternatively, a deferment of payment for up to four months after the end of the state of emergency for the rent on commercial premises owned by large property owners rented to SMEs and freelancers. Likewise, the plan implements a tax incentive on income tax for small landlords with commercial premises in the amount of the rent reduction agreed to with their tenant during the first quarter of 2021. The plan takes into account a decrease in yields from income tax modules and the simplified VAT system of up to 35% for tourism, hospitality and trade activities. Five new activities are included in the "hyper protected" category in the Temporary Redundancy Plan enacted by RDL 30/2020, including beverage wholesale, restaurants and food stalls and bars. A new tranche of the line of ICO credit facilities is allocated €500M and backed with a 90% state guarantee. Refunds made to customers by travel agencies are recognised as eligible expenditures for the line of ICO credit facilities.

  • Industry | 12/21/2020

    The High-Level Forum of Spanish Industry is formed

    The first meeting concentrated on the 12th component of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which focuses on industrial policy and will be backed by 2,853 million euros in public funds over the next three years. Raül Blanco comments: “The Plan is a historic opportunity, thanks to the resources available to us at this crucial juncture, to turn this economic crisis around with clear objectives: digital trandormation, ecological transition, territorial cohesion, and gender equality.

  • Covid-19 Tourism | 12/18/2020

    Tourism Ministry publishes a health recommendations guide amid COVID-19 for ski resorts

    Secretary of State Fernando Valdés notes that these manuals will be used as a reference for developing international standards.

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