Prepared for the Brexit


Current situation: new extension until 31.10.2019

As a result of the special European Council held last 10 April 2019, it has granted the United Kingdom a new extension, until the next 31 October so that it can ratify the agreement of withdrawal or offer any other alternative to the HAT.

The Kingdom united, in any case, may ratify the agreement of withdrawn at any time, before the end of this term.

Without limiting the foregoing, if 30 June United Kingdom has not called European Parliament elections, he would be removed automatically from the union.

Contingency Plan

In the case of a withdrawal from the United Kingdom of the European Union without agreement, the council of ministers held on 1 March, approved the Royal Decree Law 5 / 2019 it contains national policy measures aimed at countering, to the extent possible, the unwanted effects arising from this withdrawal without agreement, in those areas of state matter that are tried essential for a successful transition to the new situation, in order to preserve, both the interests of citizens, Spanish and British, who exercised their right to free movement before the date of the withdrawal, as normal workings of trade flows and economic interests of Spain.

It is temporary measures, aimed at facilitating the transition to the new situation derivative of the account of the kingdom united as a third state. In this way, do not seek to establish the future relationship with United Kingdom and its operation will cease when the time elapsed in each case shows, or before, if adopted, bilateral and European, as appropriate, instruments called to regulate relations with the unified kingdom durably.

The maintenance of measures is subject to treatment by the equivalent United Kingdom, which shall be verified through the mechanisms uniquely provided for this purpose.

Fifth communication preparation and contingency

The past 14 June, the college adopted the fifth communication on preparation and contingency Brexit. The committee has also developed a document of questions and answers on The rights of citizens (includes the part concerning Spain).

This Communication has two annexes (the first on the regulations HAT of contingency and the second with the list of notes produced by the committee).

This fifth Communication takes stock of preparatory measures and contingency of the European Union versus Brexit, particularly in light of the decision on 11 April by the European Council (Article 50), at the request and with the agreement of the kingdom united, to extend the period of Article 50 until 31 October 2019.

  • Brexit

    Industria y PYME

    The Brexit will mean a fundamental change in the future relations of industrial companies and SMEs with the United Kingdom. Everyone should know how it affects them and be prepared, especially if the exit occurs without agreement.

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  • Brexit

    Trade and Investments

    In front of the Brexit, get ready: We inform about the negotiations and actions to be taken for a trade and investments of Spain to proof of Brexit.

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  • Brexit


    The departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, whether by agreement or without agreement, will undoubtedly have an impact on tourism.

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