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  • Tourism | 10/16/2018

    More than 11,000 hospitality workers have improved the quality is his job after sending communications to tourism companies

    In September 2018 rose participants to Social security in the tourist sector 3.7% compared to the same month 2017Tourist spending will rise in 2018 until the 89.440 million euros, 2.8% more than last year

  • Trade | 10/16/2018

    Indicator of Exporting Activity (ISAE) low by the behaviour of the order book in the third quarter

    The main destinations of export for the next 12 months are France (45.3%), Germany (41.7%), Italy (23.0%), United Kingdom (22.2%), EEUU (21.7%).

  • Trade | 10/11/2018

    The Government approves the creation of an observatory of trade 4.0

    The Observatory is constituted as a working group, dialogue and analysis of the commercial sector in its digitalization process Account with representatives of the General administration of the state and the public sector institutional; the federation of municipalities and provinces; organisations and associations of trade and the digital economy; the hospitality industry, as well as organizations representing means of payment It will enhance collaboration among the observatory interlocutors with experts in digital transformation of the private sphere, promoting dialogue and initiatives público-privadas

  • Industry | 10/11/2018

    Reyes Maroto CEPYME500 closing the program

    For the government, SMEs play an essential role in the reorientation of our economy towards a sustainable growth model and fair Since the ministry of industry works in stimulating entrepreneurship, innovation and digitization, regulation and access to an attractive financing

  • Tourism | 10/11/2018

    Starts the network of Intelligent Tourist Destinations

    Nearly 70 destinations in the network, whose objective is to move in the digital transformation to achieve a management model Desk intelligentEl will foster collaboration in the public sphere, and the collaboration público-privada, to maintain the leadership position

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