Public participation in bills

Participación pública en proyectos normativos

Access point to facilitate public participation in the standard development process

This channel is constituted as the access point formalities prior public consultation and hearing and public information in the process of elaboration of the bills, projects of real legislative decree and projects of regulations which will be carried out by the ministry of  industry, trade and tourism and its public authorities dependent or linked, as regulated by the art. 133 Law 39 / 2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations, and in the art. 26, Law 50 / 1997 of 27 November, government

With this access point responds to Command PRE / 1590 / 2016, 3 October, which publishes the agreement of the council of ministers of 30 September 2016, by the que se dictan instrucciones to enable public participation in the process of elaboration rules through the web portals of ministerial departments. 

Public Consultation Prior

Formalities prior public consultation aims to gather views of citizens, organisations and associations before the development of a normative project. 

Hearing and public information

Procedures for hearing and public information is to obtain the opinion of citizens rights holders and legitimate interests affected by the policy drafted already, directly or through organizations or associations that represent them, as well as obtain few additional input can perform other persons or entities.