Complaints and suggestions



The Complaints and Suggestions procedure applies exclusively to the manifestations of citizens' dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

For other types of claims, opinions or queries, you can use the following forms:

Services letters

Service letters are the instrument through which the organs, agencies and entities of the General State Administration inform citizens and users about the services they are entrusted with, about their rights in relation to them and about the commitments of quality in its performance.

Complaints and suggestions

Form of presentation

Complaints and suggestions of the citizens will be made indicating the name, surname and the way in which it wishes that the communications be made, with the necessary data to carry them out (address, email address, etc.), and must be signed.

In person and by post
Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Calle Panamá, 1 28071 Madrid

In addition to the Complaints and Suggestions Unit (UQS) itself, they may be submitted to any other UQS or registry office of the central and peripheral services of the General State Administration, from where they will be sent to the corresponding agency.

The user will complete and sign the form or register designed for this purpose by the organ or body to which they are addressed. Users may, if they wish, be assisted by responsible officials in the formulation of their complaint or suggestion.

By electronic means

Complaints and Suggestions submitted by email or via the Internet must be signed with the electronic signature of the interested party.

In the event that the Complaints and Suggestions procedure is applied, the UQS will provide citizens with a response within 20 working days informing them of the actions taken and, if applicable, of the measures adopted.

Art. 19 of Royal Decree 951/2005, of July 29, which establishes the general framework for the improvement of quality in the General State Administration. Complaints formulated in accordance with the provisions of this Royal Decree shall not, under any circumstances, qualify as an administrative appeal or its presentation shall interrupt the periods established in the current regulations. These complaints do not condition, in any way, the exercise of the other actions or rights that, in accordance with the regulations governing each procedure, may be exercised by those who consider themselves interested in the procedure.

Royal Decree 951/2005, of 29 July, establishing the general framework for the improvement of quality in the General State Administration (BOE 03/09/2005).