Organization chart of the Under Secretariat for Industry, Trade and Tourism


The Under Secretariat for Industry, Trade and Tourism

Mr. Fernando Valdés Verelst Currículum vitae

  • Technical Office

    Mrs. Marta Fernández Martín

  • General Office of Greater oficialía and financial administration

    Mrs. M. Teresa González Limón

  • General Office of Information technologies and communication

    Mr. Carlos Antero Maza Frechín

  • Budget office

    Mr. Pedro A. de María Martín

  • General Office of General Inspection of services and Connection with citizens

    Mrs. Amparo Fernández González

  • General Office of Planning and management of Human Resources

    Mrs. Nieves Aliagas Gil

  • Delegated intervention

    Mr. Ricardo Bolufer Nieto

  • The status bar in the department

    Mr. Óscar Saenz de Santamaría Gómez-Mampaso

  • Technical General Secretariat

    Mr. Pablo Garde Lobo Currículum vitae

    • Overall Technical General Secretariat

      Mrs. Nuria García González

    • General Office of Policy development, reports and publications

      Mrs. Marta Corujo Martín

    • General Office of Resources, claims and relations with the administration of justice

      Mrs. María Josefa Fernández Pérez

    • General Office of International relations and cooperation

      Mrs. Elisa Rodríguez Ortíz

    • General Office of Studies, analysis and action plans

      Mr. Javier Agustín Muñoz Carabias