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  • Industry | 12/12/2018

    The green light to payment of EUR 84 million in aid for compensating CO2 costs

    The aim is to prevent delocalization and transfer of industrial production to other countriesThe aid consist of a regular call for costs of 2017 (6 million euros) and in a concession directly to complement to 100% of the maximum support costs 2016 (77.7 million euros)

  • Industry | 12/10/2018

    The committee meets intersectoral vulneradoras activities industrial property rights

    To fight together against the violation of the rights of industrial property, especially in the field of counterfeit trademarks

  • Tourism | 12/10/2018

    Satisfactory council meeting tourism Spanish

    To discuss the challenges and opportunities of the sector

  • Industry | 12/7/2018

    The Government approves urgent measures to the momentum of the Spanish industry

    Its aim is to promote industrial competitiveness through actions such as improving labour productivity, reducing the cost of energy or reinforcement of industrial safety

    • The Royal Decree regulates the simultaneous with partial retirement holding over for contract manufacturing, special incidence in the automotive sector
    • the creation of the status of Consumer Electrointensivo and the figure of the network of electricity distribution private key measures of support to companies electrointensivas
    • The policy package falls within the strategic framework for Industrial Spain 2030 government and Sectoral Agendas which develop
    • is complemented by measures that affect the competitiveness of the commercial sector as limiting sale with loss and deleting rows of franchisors and distance sales

  • Tourism | 12/4/2018

    The Spanish Tourism Board will meet on 10 December

    In the meeting ’ exposaran les lines of action developed by the government

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