Navigation guide

The ministry of industry, trade and tourism has an Internet portal through which you can access information and services it offers. The aim of this guide is to facilitate navigation and structure of the information in the web portal to users who visit it via the web address


Header of homepage and navigation / results

Top margin of the portal. it shows the institutional shield of the ministry, the option to access other language versions (Catalan, Galician, Basque and English), access to Start, contact us, map web and mobile version.

header image

By selecting any option of the home page of the portal leads to a first level of information, which in turn can accommodate new levels informative or provide links to other Internet addresses related to the content.

From the institutional shield the ministry of industry, trade and tourism can be restored at all times to the home page of the portal. 

Channels of information and service

Above the keypad portal. Reports on the ministry, which offers services and its main areas of activity are in the same. 

image of information channels 

Central area of content

In the central part of the homepage reflects the topicality of the ministry, news of the press office, as well as a paragraph highlighted, with links to the most relevant content of the ministry.  

image of current content

direct image

Direct to contains direct access to the most used by citizens relating to: Key and Industry, trade and tourism.

Central area right of the portal, access to every social network that involves the ministry, to the mobile version, central electronic headquarters and public participation in projects policy.

Lower middle area of the portal contains direct access to institutional campaigns and agencies of the ministry. 

image of institutional campaigns and agencies of the ministry

Supplementary menu area

Located at the foot of the page contains two blocks of information, the first with links to the most relevant content of the portal and access to every social network involving the ministry:

image of link to contents of information channels

The second block, with information regarding the guide of navigation, accessibility, Legal Notice, protection of personal data and cookie policy. 

image of links of the foot

Subscription to content by RSS icon RSS icon RSS

If you wish to access continuously to the contents of the website, but it is inconvenient having to navigate from one side to another looking for those contents, available by subscription RSS of content. 

The RSS is a way to encode information in the website regardless of navigation, so that the RSS will only show the new information to be introduced in the website. 

What specific content can receive in my RSS reader?

The ministry of industry, trade and tourism available syndicated content holders which can be sign: in each of the contents where available the subscription displayed a link to do so. 

To receive the contents by RSS uses the "readers of RSS", also known as "RSS aggregators". Readers of RSS connect themselves regularly on the website and download new content. Enter each link to which you have subscribed to visualize / accused the information published. There are several types of readers of RSS: 

The browser itself.

Some browsers ya incorporan RSS reader. once you sign up, you will get a direct link to such contents. 

Program called reader or aggregator.

Installing this agenda and copying the direction of the section of which you want to receive the headlines and follow the instructions in the RSS reader himself. There are multiple lectores que permiten agrupar información de diferentes webs in a single page, among others: Feedreader, RSS Reader or Sharp Reader.

Installable applications on the computer.

Depending on the operating system, has a different free programs, among others:

Programs and plugins

During your browsing the website of the ministry of industry, trade and tourism, you can find files in formats that your browser may not show alone. Below we offer a list of file formats and free software through which you can access the same: