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The Government gives the green light to the draft bill of brands

Procedures are simplified brands benefit of citizens and businesses

Represents an important step forward in the fight against piracy because it may prohibit the use of a trademark and prevent the introduction of goods, without the need to demonstrate that will be sold

Exports grow 2.8% until May

Spain exported between January and May by 120.192 million euros

The deficit increases to the 12.137 million euros

Reyes Maroto announced the momentum of coordinated solutions for holiday homes

The minister of industry, trade and tourism, after meeting with the Autonomous Communities, has reported that will be carried out an analysis on tourism rental with the aim to reach common agreements

The Government will move apart in some improvements in working conditions of employees in hospitality

The general secretary of industry attends the presentation of the feast of the Pandorga

Candidate for the declaration of fiesta national touristic interest

The state secretary of tourism announced the reactivation of four working groups with the CCAA

These are houses tourism, statistics, travel agencies and marketing

Industry participates in the Informal Council of ministers of competitiveness of the UE

Focused on innovation, digitization, Artificial intelligence and education.

The government spends 30 million euros to the digital transformation of manufacturing

The loan program focuses on industrial research, experimental development and innovation in organization and processes

Reyes Maroto presents the basic lines of the ministry of industry, trade and tourism

In the area of industry, the minister has backed achieve a pact by industry of the 21st century focused on digitisation, internationalization and sustainability

In trade, the ministry shall defend sectors affected by protectionist measures of other countries

The tourism strategy will be based on the economic sustainability, environmental and territorial

The Government will invest 100 million euros in the digital transformation of companies

The ministry of industry, trade and tourism prepares a roadmap for digitalisation of industry and services

Reyes Maroto announced the development of a retail plan to help businesses grow in the online market

Spain will receive this summer 30.4 million international tourists

This represents an increase of 2.3% over the summer months 2017

Moreover, projections show that their spending could exceed $34 million euros

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