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The government spends 30 million euros to the digital transformation of manufacturing

The loan program focuses on industrial research, experimental development and innovation in organization and processes

Reyes Maroto presents the basic lines of the ministry of industry, trade and tourism

In the area of industry, the minister has backed achieve a pact by industry of the 21st century focused on digitisation, internationalization and sustainability

In trade, the ministry shall defend sectors affected by protectionist measures of other countries

The tourism strategy will be based on the economic sustainability, environmental and territorial

The Government will invest 100 million euros in the digital transformation of companies

The ministry of industry, trade and tourism prepares a roadmap for digitalisation of industry and services

Reyes Maroto announced the development of a retail plan to help businesses grow in the online market

Spain will receive this summer 30.4 million international tourists

This represents an increase of 2.3% over the summer months 2017

Moreover, projections show that their spending could exceed $34 million euros

Address by the minister of industry, trade and tourism, Reyes Maroto, in the delivery of the tourism Prizes VII

Reyes Maroto announced the convening of the tourism Sector Conference on 18 July.

The number of international tourists and their spending increases in Spain in the first five months of the year

28.6 million international tourists visited Spain in the first five months of the year

Their spending was 29.550 million euros, 4.1% more than in the same period of 2017

Travel by residents 3.7% increase in the first quarter of the year

91% Of those movements had as main destination the national territory

Most visited communities are Andalucian Marvel, Catalonia and Catillano and Lion

Reyes Maroto announced the creation of a network of Smart Tourist Destinations

La red favorecerá el intercambio de información y buenas prácticas entre los destinos con los que el Ministerio está trabajando

El Gobierno impulsará la Estrategia Nacional para promover la innovación, la accesibilidad y la sostenibilidad de los destinos turísticos

The Government appoints senior officials of the ministry of industry, trade and tourism

Xiana Méndez Bértolo, new secretary of state of Trade

Participants in Social security in the tourist sector are increased 3.8% in May

This month spain reached the peak in all historic series with 2.468.845

Participants representing 13.1% of total employment in the Spanish economy

Catalonia is the community with the highest number: 292.488

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